Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as my grandpa's old automatic reel?

No, not exactly. This is a semi-automatic reel which provides 3-5 spool spins per pull of the lever. There is no spring to wind and you can adjust the rate of which it retrieves line by how quickly you pull the lever.

Will this help me catch bigger fish?

Of course it will! The purpose of this reel is for you, the angler, to concentrate on catching your fish and not getting distracted with a tangled pile of line while you have that 24" (609.6mm!) brown trout hooked up.

Where is the Bighorn reel made?

Our products are designed and manufactured in Buffalo, Wyoming USA

What is the small hex (allen) wrench for?

There is a small set screw located on the top of the reel foot. This screw can be adjusted to remove excessive play or lock the mechanism into place.

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